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Utah Puck Report

May 30, 2019

Utah Puck Report host Jay Stevens is joined by 'American Hitmen' drummer, Phil Snyder, and professional hockey player, Evan Stoflet, to discuss all things hockey, what each has been up to, and what summer is going to look like for the both of them.

We also take a look into why Phil attended Shattuck St. Mary's, whether or not it's haunted, and how he ended up playing hockey at Weber State. Then we take a look into how his band, 'American Hitmen' performed on 'America's Got Talent' and what it was like opening for Journey.

After that, we talk about Evan's season playing for the Fife Flyers in Scotland, continuing his education into International Human Resource Management, and what his hockey future consists of.

Get all the hockey action on the Utah ice, from high school to tier 1 juniors, NCAA and pros. Former Utah Grizzly and 103.5 the Arrow personality Jay Stevens, hosts the Utah Puck Report along with Arrow talent and full-time hockey enthusiast, Gary Michaels, bringing you candid interviews with up-and-coming hockey stars, following their journey from Utah into the pros. Jay and Gary also talk with key contributors to the local hockey scene, gear manufacturers and professional hockey scouts.